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Hello, my name is Rob, the creator of Programming books can be quite expensive. As a hobbyist before I became a professional programmer, I would often times turn to YouTube to learn a programming language. What I noticed was that there were always bits and pieces, but there weren't really courses that were broken up in to everything you need to learn for a specific level such as beginner or intermediate in most languages. It would just be a bunch of videos about one thing or another.

I decided I was going to change that. After going to college and getting my bachelor's degree in computer science, I decided I wanted to give back to those who want to learn programming, whether your goal is to become a professional programmer, or if you are a hobbyist wanting to expand your skills.

This site isn't very large right now, but as time goes on, it will grow and get larger and become a place where you can go to learn many different programming languages. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy!